About CCTN

CCTN began its evangelical mission in 1995 as a broadcast ministry of St. Paul Catholic Church in Leesburg, Florida. Its first half-hour program, “Celebration of the Word,” was broadcast on a local Christian television station. Today, CCTN’s viewership is worldwide.

Currently broadcast from an in-house studio at Holy Family Catholic Church, Orlando, Florida, CCTN features several important and entertaining weekly programs:

  • The Roman Catholic Sunday Mass, Sundays @ 2 pm. Join us in weekly worship.
  • Christifideles (and other Catholic-based programs), Sundays @ 3 pm. Since 2006, Father John Giel, through the Christifideles (The Faithful People of God) program, has interviewed influential and spiritually dynamic Catholics, sharing their evangelizing stories and experiences.  Tune in to be informed and transformed!
  • Live with Passion, Sundays @ 3:30 pm.  Renew your gratitude for life and love for Jesus Christ with nationally-recognized motivational speaker Father Cedric Pisegna.
  • Rome Reports, Sundays @ 4 pm.  An international TV news agency based in Rome covering the activity of the Pope, life within the Vatican and current social, cultural and religious debates. Stay up to date with the events and news that impact our world and our faith.

In addition to its TV broadcasts, CCTN can be heard on station WDMC, 920 AM radio, Sundays @ 1:00 pm.

The long range goal of CCTN is to develop into a 24-hour world-wide satellite network, with various programs spotlighting on the activities and ministries of parishes and religious communities throughout the world, as well as educational and liturgical programming.